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Check-in procedures

Saigon Domaine Luxury Residences
Guests must provide Passport(s) and Credit Card(s) at the time of check-in.

  1.      If guests don’t bring the registered booking credit card along, guests will pay full rental by cash or another of his own credit card and a deposit amount for F&B equivalent 50% of full rental.

For example:        
Room charge US$100/night x 2nights = US$200                              
US$200 + US$100 (50% F&B deposit)= US$300
Total = US$300  

2.      If guests DON’T bring the registered booking credit card along, but guests agree to pay full rental and deposit by cash/another his own credit card like the example above, we then will refund the rental to the registered booking credit card (if we did charge/block already).  

3.      If guests BRING the registered booking credit card along, we need the guests to deposit 50% F&B like example above.  

4.      For late bookings after 10.00 PM Vietnam time and during weekends or public holidays, guests should pay by cash/bring along credit cards only.  

5.      In any case if guests don’t have valid passports, no check-in is admitted except guests can show proof from Vietnamese Police or his Embassy/Consulate stating in Vietnamese language and/or English that client has lost his passport.

Please kindly keep all the booking guests of our hotel informed the requires for check-in procedures above or keep us informed if you have any further advice.